Sexercise4Life is a multi-dimensional system created to improve one’s sexual experience and enjoyment. Our mission is to increase intimacy and connection while cultivating your sexual health and performance. Our founder, Tyre Richards believes in a wholistic approach focusing on physical, mental, nutritional, and emotional needs of which anyone and everyone can benefit.

About Us


Born and raised in Edisto Island, South Carolina, Tyre was exposed at an early age to gardening and growing various types of herbs. His father owned a vegetable, fruit, and herb stand containing items hand-picked from their garden. It was during these years that Tyre began to develop a passion for not only gardening but truly understanding the purpose/benefits of each fruit, vegetable and herb.

Years later Tyre was introduced to Dr. Dawoo, a herbalist from Ethiopia. Dr. Dawoo took Tyre’s knowledge of fruits, vegetables and herbs to a much deeper level and Tyre learned more about the medicinal and healing benefits of herbs. He witnessed many of his friends, colleagues and others benefit from incorporating herbs into their diet and lifestyle.

As Tyre progressed in adulthood, he began to experience cases of premature ejaculation. As he searched for a solution, he discovered that there were many other men experiencing the same; as well as women who weren’t being satisfied. It was then that he developed a special interest in becoming a part of the solution. He wanted himself, his friends and everyone else for that matter to find great pleasure during sex.

The wealth of knowledge gained through international research as it relates to sexual health, his studies of Exercise Science at Morris Brown College, along with trial and error led to the creation of Sexercise4Life.


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